A Brand New Website!

The sites colours were changed, we successfully linked the Instagram account and added new icons. New pages were added to ‘Servants of Justice’ and the character description was added, click on ‘About SOJ’ to read the new character descriptions, lining will be changed later and it will not be so centred so bear with it for now! The old chapters two, three and four were removed and they will be put up once they go through editing. The new version of “Chapter 1 – Arc 1’Old Friend’” was added. There is a new chapter page in the section ‘Read Online’ which showcases the coming of Chapter twelve.

The Servants Of Justice website has now been changed to Version 1.5, new icons have been added and an upcoming chapter teaser has been added, click on ‘Read Online’ to preview it, it should be under chapters. Instagram and Twitter are linked but Facebook has been removed. We have removed the character descriptions which used to be shown on the ‘About SOJ’ page (We have done this to improve the quality of the page). The quality of the chapters has been improved and almost our whole website is animated, this makes it harder for some people to view the icons on different browsers, if you are having trouble seeing the icons it fixed by pressing (CTRL + -) (this only happens on desktops). Once you enter the site you will see a yellow loading animation at the top of the screen, this makes everything work better and load faster. We also changed the URL’s snippet and added a new custom domain, which includes a .com! ‘HTTPS’ was added to make sure the site is secure and we added a brand new contact page, our website will never be perfect without your feedback, if you are reading into our website and come across something unusual please make sure to contact us ASAP!